When Lisa Bruno expressed interest in sitting for the ongoing Dark Silver series of portraits, it seemed quite natural, as her work as an emerging photographer is focused on black and white portraits and figure study. As a relative newcomer to photography, Lisa had quite a fascination with the process of the large, old cameras, and a real passion for the process. This was her chance to get in front of the camera, something every photographer needs to do once in awhile…

Sitting for the large format film cameras changes the dynamic of portrait making, slowing down the process and the interaction between the artist and subject, revealing a more studied and quiet rendition. The shooting process is all done by hand on traditional black and white silver emulsion film, and processed and printed in a real darkroom. The rich silver captures and reveals light in a luminous manner unlike contemporary digital photography, and should be seen in it’s original printed form to be fully appreciated. 
Previous portraits have been collected in the book Silver Scuro: Portraits 2014-2016.

lisa-bruno-portrait-mastroianni (2)

lisa-bruno-portrait-mastroianni (1)


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