Morgan: Montana Senior in Cleveland

July 18, 2017portraits, seniors No Comments

Location is always a big question when we do portraits; looking for unique settings and scouting out places for just the right feel. For Morgan, who was in town from Montana visiting family, a session in downtown Cleveland was the furthest thing from what she could have had back home in Great Falls, and that’s … Read More

Mary: senior photos

January 17, 2017seniors No Comments

Mary: senior photos (plus a few with the view camera) I’ve had the pleasure of photographing Mary (and her sister Maggie) several times over the years as they’ve grown up, and I recently had the honor of photographing her senior portrait as well. We opted for the studio, as well as a few outside in … Read More

Kaeleigh senior session

December 29, 2015portraits, seniors No Comments

Kaeleigh Senior Photo Session We managed to squeeze in another senior session over the holiday when Kaeleigh came to the studio for her photos. Trying out several looks, we opted for a dark, elegant setting in the studio. Then we managed to catch a break in the rain for a few shots outdoors, going for … Read More

Jason doesn’t like senior photos

December 11, 2015portraits, seniors No Comments

Jason doesn’t like senior photos …which makes him my favorite kind of senior to photograph. Dispensing with the usual cheese and props, we strive to make good, dignified portraits which mark the transition to adulthood. Jason’s session was a simple studio shoot, just him and the camera and a little bit of time to relax … Read More

Senior Portrait: My Antonia

November 19, 2015portraits, seniors No Comments

Antonia’s senior portrait was simple and concise: studio, cats, alley, dog. No cheese, just beautiful photos. Like the girl with the pearl earring, Antonia gazes back at the viewer through the camera from out of the dark in our studio session. Natural light fills her and the cat’s eyes. And finally the late autumn sun radiates all around her … Read More

Laureano: Bagpipes and a senior session

November 6, 2015portraits, seniors 2 Comments

Laureano has already made a name for himself with the bagpipes in the Cleveland area, and is looking forward to studying more in terms of music and education when he gets to college next year. And like many of my clients, was looking for good, elegant, and un-affected senior photos to mark this transition. Here … Read More

Noah: senior with guitar

October 13, 2015portraits, seniors No Comments

High school senior photos: Noah and his guitar Noah didn’t want senior photos, but that’s ok, in fact it’s not an uncommon sentiment; he just didn’t like what he saw out there, and had his own ideas. The guitar and shooting in studio were two things that were important to him, and we were happy to oblige. … Read More

Riley: class of 2016

June 23, 2015portraits, seniors No Comments

Riley came by for one of our first senior sessions of the season, and we got a great set near the East 4th district in downtown Cleveland. Like Riley, the senior portrait session was decisive, cool, and easy going. Remember, Senior photos don’t have to be cheesy if you’re not. We approach senior portraits with the same … Read More

Seniors: Audrey from Laurel School

October 21, 2014portraits, seniors No Comments

Wanting something a little less juvenile and a little more dignified, Audrey came to me for her senior photos. Her location was a beloved part of Ohio City where she has spent a lot of time volunteering, working, as well as residing. Here are a few favorites from our session. Contact me if you’d like … Read More

St Joseph Academy Class of 2015–Liz

September 17, 2014portraits, seniors No Comments

Simple, elegant, and mature; that’s how we like to present senior portraits, and that’s what Liz was looking for. Based on her strong interest in the fine arts and classical music, the Cleveland Museum of Art and Severance Hall were natural choices for her senior photos. Here are a few favorites from the session.   … Read More